The Best Lighting Ideas For 2022

One of the latest trends in interior design is ball-shaped lighting fixtures. These can be made from opaque or transparent materials. Products made from these materials look beautiful and unique. Similar “balls” can be used in the design of chandeliers and sconces. The future looks bright for these lighting designs! Keeping with the theme of balls, you can also add a twist to them by incorporating them into other pieces of furniture, like vases and sculptures. When you are looking for the best lighting, you should consult with a lighting consultant in Dubai.

Minimalist style

If you’re a fan of minimalist style interior design, you’ll love these 2022 lighting trends. The style of minimalist lighting is defined by its simplicity. It emphasizes natural light, which should be maximized through large windows and open floor plans. But if you’d like to add more texture and control to your minimalist lighting design, artificial lighting sources can be used. These lighting options come in many styles and types, but they all share a few key components.

Geometric shapes

The use of geometric shapes in interior decoration has not gone out of style for the past three years and is still relevant. In light fixtures for 2022, geometric shapes will become the protagonists of the design. You will find hexagonal luminaires that resemble honeycombs and polygonal lights fixed in the center of the wall or ceiling. The use of white frosted glass will give the overall structure a soft touch.

Colorful fixtures

Whether you’re redecorating your home or simply want to add some color to it, there are some great ways to achieve that look with stylish, colorful fixtures for lighting in 2022. These trends are adaptable to any design style and budget. They feature materials such as wood, bamboo, glass, and various fabrics, which are all highly natural and eco-friendly. To achieve the look you’re after, it’s important to choose fixtures made from these materials.


A traditional chandelier with connected glass globes and light bulbs will provide a soft illumination perfect for dining. The traditional chandelier hangs from a single chain. Another trend is a dramatic light that features two long chains and a rectangular reflector. A large candle-style light will provide ample illumination without strong glares.