Key Factors To Consider Before Buying A CPAP Machine

Before purchasing a CPAP machine in Dubai, you need to understand what features you should look for. Listed below are some of the most important features to look for, as well as the price range and brand. The features you look for can help you choose the most suitable machine. Considering these factors before making a purchase can help you make the best choice. You can also read our buying guide for more information.

CPAP machine features:

Most CPAP machines are covered by a warranty. This warranty usually lasts two or three years, although some manufacturers will offer extended warranties, ranging from five to seven years. It is important to carefully read the warranty terms before purchasing because some warranties require you to ship the defective product back to the manufacturer before receiving a replacement. Other warranties allow you to purchase a new machine immediately in case of malfunction.

Price range:

A CPAP machine can cost anywhere from DH500 to DH 1000, depending on its features and accessories. Health insurance may not cover the costs of a CPAP machine, which can be expensive on its own. Many health insurance plans require out-of-pocket payments before coverage begins. These amounts, known as copays and coinsurance, are typically higher than the cost of the machine itself. But, there are still many ways to get a machine for a fraction of what you might have to spend.


A CPAP machine includes a humidifier, air pump, face mask, and hose. The interface between the mask and machine is the primary cause of frustration for many people. The good news is that CPAP masks have changed a lot in recent years. Nasal pillows, which are designed to fit over the nose, are among the latest options. But if you haven’t been monitored lately, a checkup with a physician might be in order.

Trial periods:

Medicare covers the cost of a CPAP machine when a patient has obstructive sleep apnea and is eligible for the device’s trial period. However, the patient must comply with strict guidelines to maintain coverage. Once the trial period is over, Medicare may deny coverage if a patient fails to follow the guidelines. It is crucial to follow all manufacturer and supplier guidelines to receive Medicare coverage for CPAP machines.