To ensure the best performance and life expectancy of your solar power solutions, you must be willing to undertake regular maintenance. You should check the warranty of your panels to make sure that they cover damage caused by weather or other acts. Biannual routine maintenance includes cleaning your solar panels. Cleaning them is necessary to remove sap and debris that may coat the solar cells and reduce their energy output. For best results, you should perform the cleaning every two months.

Roof rake

Keeping solar panels clean and in top condition requires the right tools. A roof rake is the tool of choice for this job. It is lightweight and made of metal and plastic. It weighs 10 pounds and has wheels to avoid damaging your roof. Its angled design makes it easier to reach solar panels even with a small person or child on it.

Wildlife guards

Keeping wildlife away from solar panels is important for a variety of reasons. For starters, wildlife can make a home under the panels and cause problems by chewing the electrical wiring. The result could be a solar system that doesn’t function as it should. Another reason to install a wildlife guard is to avoid the risk of fires that can occur when critters nest in your solar panels. Whether they’re birds, squirrels, or any other wildlife, having the right critter guards will help keep your panels in great shape.

Inverter panels

To maintain your inverter panel, you should ensure that its fuses and circuit breakers are of the right size. If the fuses are too large, you may cause the cables to overheat. The best way to determine what size fuse and circuit breaker to buy is by referring to the owner’s manual.


Orienting your solar panels will help you get the most out of them. For example, if you live in a southern climate, you may want to put your panels facing southwest. This will let you receive the maximum amount of sunlight for the day, which will increase your production in the latter half of the day. Likewise, if you live in a northern climate, you may want to position them facing west, as this will ensure that you receive the greatest amount of energy during the day.