Ajman Free Zone License: A Gateway To Global Markets


Ajman Free Zone (AFZ) is a thriving free zone located in the emirate of Ajman in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). AFZ offers many business opportunities to entrepreneurs looking to establish their businesses in the UAE. Obtaining an Ajman free zone license provides businesses a gateway to global markets. This article will discuss the benefits of an Ajman Free Zone license for your business.

Strategic location:

One of the main advantages of obtaining an AFZ license is its strategic location. AFZ is located near the Dubai International Airport and the port of Jebel Ali, making it an ideal location for businesses engaged in international trade. The location provides businesses with easy access to global markets, making it an attractive destination for businesses looking to expand their operations globally.

100% ownership:

Unlike mainland companies in the UAE, businesses operating in AFZ can enjoy 100% ownership of their company. This means entrepreneurs do not need a local sponsor or partner to set up their business in AFZ. This provides entrepreneurs with greater flexibility and control over their business operations.

Tax benefits:

Another significant benefit of obtaining an AFZ license is the tax benefits. Businesses operating in AFZ do not need to pay corporate or personal income taxes, making it an attractive destination for entrepreneurs looking to save on taxes.

Range of business activities:

AFZ offers various business activities, including trading, manufacturing, and services. Businesses can choose the most relevant business activity and obtain the appropriate license for their business needs.

Simplified business setup process:

Obtaining an AFZ license is a straightforward process that can be completed in simple steps. The business setup process is streamlined and efficient, allowing entrepreneurs to focus on their business operations rather than dealing with bureaucratic procedures.

Networking opportunities:

AFZ hosts various events, workshops, and conferences annually, allowing businesses to network with potential clients and partners. This provides businesses with valuable networking opportunities to help them grow and expand their operations.

Obtaining an Ajman Free Zone license allows businesses to access global markets. With its strategic location, 100% ownership, tax benefits, range of business activities, simplified business setup process, world-class infrastructure and facilities, and networking opportunities, AFZ provides businesses with an ideal environment to grow and expand their operations.